I'm the founder and leader of Female IN (FIN). For more than a decade at this point, i've been coaching and mentoring women.

In the last five years I've been fortunate enough to grow a community from nothing, to a 1.7 million-women movement supporting a remote team of 28 — to build a strong and enduring support network to empower women in more than 100 countries.

The steady growth in popularity of FIN, has had a lot of people asking if I'm ever going to write a blog, or a book, or a podcast – or something that might help others who also want to provide life-transforming options for women. When you're leading one of the most influential and engaged Facebook groups which also organizes in-person events in cities around the world, you already have your hands full.

Excitedly though, I am ready to share the privileged lessons of the past decade in one simple idea:

Create something valuable which directly serves the interests of women, then ask them to pay to access it and sustain it. You know, like every other business in the world.

So – I'm not going to write a book just yet. Instead I'm building an ongoing independent, member-funded publication. In a very real way, it is time to confront my biggest source of concern which I believe majority if not all the women I know care about.


Can we really empower a woman without giving her the power to shape her own destiny?

Are we able to truly find our voice without the resources to make the voice we have found work for us; the dreams we have and the people we love?

Do we possibly break free of oppressive people and communities if we can't sustain our independence?

At FIN, using the power of storytelling and empathy, we're supporting women exactly for this purpose; to help each of our sisters mature in thought and actions, take charge of your own life and relationships, work closely with other women to create your own personal support network.

herownmoney is a continuation of the work I started on our million-member community.

herownmoney is the very first publication which will entirely focus on money and prioritize the specific wants and needs of women - predominantly of African descent - and how it affects our ability to make money, on what we should spend money and where to invest our money. It's simultaneously a collection of mine and the life's journey of incredible women, as well as a model of everything each woman needs to know to take control of her own life.

If you're interested in the things I do then I'd encourage you to subscribe and be one of the first to direct your own destiny and support another woman who needs to learn how to make, spend, invest her own money.

It is no longer acceptable for women to give away so much value to others and still be unable to meet our own needs.

My ever-evolving personal story of breaking free of the shackles of poverty and mindsets which left me poor and struggling, forever worried about whether we will have enough to eat or to keep a roof over our heads may be similar to yours so this platform is a formidable collection of lessons to change your life and attitudes about money.

I hope you'll join us.