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Welcome to WHOM PRO. You're in!

Follow these simple steps to start your journey.

Let's get you started..

STEP 1: Join our facebook group 
STEP 2 : Set your goals


  • "I want potential clients to join my whatsapp group"
  • "I need to get more followers on my instagram"
  • "I want every seat filled at my upcoming launch"

STEP 3 : Write your story


  • "How I became a woman with her own money"
  • "The highest profit I ever made"
  • "What my failure taught me"
  • "The day I almost gave up"
STEP 4 : End with promotion


  • "Here is a link to my whatsapp group. Join my training"
  • "Find me at ________(enter your address)"
  • "Follow me on instagram at ______ (enter your handle)"
  • "Check out photos from my entire design catalog" (add several)

Can't Wait To See Your Success!