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6 Ways Our Facebook Group Makes You Money Quickly

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▶️ Say Hello with a Video (Special Extra #1)

Make a short video to tell people about you.

How To Stand Out Immediately

Introduce yourself in a way that text can't capture. A video creates a personal connection, making you memorable.

How To Shine

Record a 1-minute video. Share who you are, what you do, and how you can help others. Post it in our active Facebook group and watch your engagement rise.

Expert Advice

Imagine you're talking to someone you're very familiar with as you record your video.


Hi, I'm [your name]. I do [your business]. I help people by [your solution]

🔗 Boost Your Story with a Link (Special Extra #2)

Put one link in your story. It can be for an event, your Instagram, or a WhatsApp group. 

How does 'boost your story' work?

Share one link with your story. It's a direct invitation for people to learn more or chat with you.

Direct Traffic Where it matters

Whether it's an event, your Instagram, or a WhatsApp group, guide the community directly to what you're offering.

Expert Advice

Use only one link in your story. More people see it that way. Make it count!


''See my event here: [link]' or 'Chat with me on Instagram @[handle]' or 'Join my whatsapp group here: [link]'

🎞️ Show Your Best Things (Special Extra #3)

Show pictures of your best things

How do I show my best things? 

Pick your best things. Show them with photos.

Visual Appeal

Pictures speak louder than words. Showcase your top products or designs and let them do the talking.

How to Impress

Select your best offerings and present them with clear, captivating photos.


"Look at my best-selling designs [photos]. What do you think?"

📇 Tell People How to Find You (Special Extra #4)

Share where you are or how to talk to you

How do I tell people how to find me?

Tell people where you are. Give a way to contact you.

Open the Right Doors

Make it effortless for the community to reach out, collaborate, or become clients.

How to Connect

Share your location and preferred contact method. Be accessible.


'I'm in [City]. Talk to me at [phone/email]'

🎓 Learn to Sell with Your Money Story (Special Extra #5)

A free lesson to make good stories 

Stories That Sell

Your money journey isn't just a story; it's a way to connect and sell to others.

How To Do It

Learn how to tell your story in a way that makes people want what you offer. Join our short lesson

Expert Advice

Good stories get more likes and comments. And when you share from the heart, people listen and want to join you and support you.

#️⃣ Use our special hashtag (Special Extra #6)

Use #whompro or #whompromember in your stories to help people trust you

Gain Community Trust

Our hashtags are a badge of credibility in the community. It's a sign you're a trusted member.

How To Build Trust

Add #whompro to your posts. It's a seal of approval and recognition.

Expert Advice

For as long as you're a subscribed member, consistent use of our hashtag boosts your community standing. You can use it on boosted stories and regular stories too.

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